1. Start of path short distance from road
2. Near end of path before entering quarry area
3. At bottom of ‘steps’ cut into rock, this bush is ahead of you, keep to the right
4. On bough directly over path
5. On tree over path
6. Gate – not this way
7. Approx. 2m up on trunk – not this way
8. On tree – follow to the right
9. Reflectors of significance (on right as heading west-ish)
10. On tree, in field on other side of fence, follow left
11. Post in fence, keep on path
12. ‘Junction’ of paths, keep left
13. On post to your right, follow path
14. Steps in rock again, go down but go left this time
15. On quarry face
16. After exiting ‘mini quarry’ area, keep left – not the way of reflector
17. Triple reflector location
18. Beacon location