Fairlight Forage

This series of fourteen caches can be completed as individual caches, chosen as and when, perhaps just one on your way through, a few at a time, or as intended - all fourteen starting at FF01. Feel free to do them as you wish!

If you do complete all fourteen then there is a slightly larger bonus cache to the series ;-)

To find the bonus cache you will need to have answered all fourteen Bonus Questions, one question per cache. Armed with the answers you can then discover the whereabouts of the bonus.
Each cache (FF01 through FF14) has a Bonus Question.
The question will relate to the particular cache found in some way or other.
This means that for some an attempt at the answer can be made from home in an armchair, but many will require you to be at the cache to understand and answer the question fully.

Some questions are very easy, others require a little more thinking and most likely access to the web or phone-a-friend. Many are of a general knowledge type, so will seem obvious to some cachers and others will seem impossible - hence web access or knowledgeable friends will be very handy!

For example, lets assume that the cache container at FF01 is a clear plastic clip-lock 'lunch box', covered all over with brown tape. The Bonus question asks "What colour is the cache container underneath the outer layer?", with the possible answers of: A = red, B = blue, C = white, D = clear, E = yellow. You would answer D. (FF01 isn't actually a brown box by the way.)
So, for each FF cache, make a note of your answer, it will be either A, B, C, D or E.
For the odd few it may seem like there are more than one possible answer but in fact only one will fit (or only one will be the best fit). However, careful thinking may be required for a few.
Once you have fourteen answers, i.e. fourteen letters,
(for example lets says FF01 = A, FF02 = B, FF03 = C, FF04 = D, FF05 = E, FF06 = A, FF07 = B, etc,),
then you need to convert the letters to numbers using hexadecimal, where A=10, B=11, C=12, etc.

Now follow the instructions on the the bonus cache page.

So using the example answers above, you'd use a calculator to work out
10 x 11 x 12 x 13 x 14 x 10 x 11, which equals 26426400.
You then divide that by 1681680 giving an answer of 15.714, which rounded gives 16, and as you need three digits you put in a preceding zero to make 016.
So pqr would equal 016, i.e. the first part of the co-ordinates would be N 50° 53.016'.